One of the first things that strike you about the talented new phenomenon Jessy Hay is his almost infectious enthusiasm. When asked about his first single, 'London City', he replies:

“In March 2014 I was invited to play a show in London. It was my first time there, so I planned to go and see all the famous monuments. However, the weather was terribly bad, so eventually I just stayed in my room, sat at a little old piano and spontaneously a song came up: 'I went to London City, but I didn’t see the Big Ben'. I feel it wrote itself. I haven't imagined yet that this will kick-start a whole career as a singer.”

London City is one of those songs that hit you right away.

"Everyone who heard it was immediately enthusiastic."The Australian film production Kitamar & Co immediately offered to shoot a music video, and where else but London? Jessy's second single, "Spring Song" was recorded in the prestigious Wisseloord studios and was filmed in Victoria, Australia.

Jessy Hay grew up in Jerusalem. He learned music and guitar and went to the prestigious Rimon School For Jazz And Contemporary Music, where he won several prizes and scholarships, and graduated after only two years. He then moved to study at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he graduated with honors.

Since his graduation Jessy has become a well acclaimed and sought-after session guitarist, working, touring, and recording with Ruth Jacott, Wicked Jazz Sounds, Big Black & Beautiful, Yoni Rechter and many other artists, bands, and productions. He musically directs and serves as the front man for Beautiful Strangers - a successful live tour celebrating Prince's music. As a guitarist, Jessy is endorsed by Gibson Guitars and have a wide following for his guitar work online. Jessy is also a songwriter, writing and producing music for numerous artists, as well as a writer for BMG/Talpa publishing.

While busy with the session life, he started cooking his own album as a singer songwriter "Musicians in the scene know me as a guitar player, but I've always written songs and sung. it is like a second career of mine that is slowly revealing itself to the world". "Stylistically the music is very diverse", says Jessy."I was always influenced by so many styles of music, ranging from soul, R&B, Jazz and funk through rock and blues, and pop music is something I'm attached to very much as well. My debut album is certainly the piece of music I'm most proud of to date!”.

Jessy Hay's debut album 'Songs From Backstage' is released independently worldwide through all streaming services, one song a month, starting October 25th, 2018.